Ryan vs Rugg, Champagne Socialist vs Real Socialist. Let them fight.

Here at ADVANCE we love nothing more than lefties fighting and boy have we been served up a tasty one this week, with an extra rich helping of hypocrisy to go with it.

Dr Monique Ryan – First of her Name, Queen of the Teals, Hectoring Harridan, Acting Deputy Vice Principal Personified, and Empress of the Covid Cowards – has been taken to court by professional left activist Sally Rugg in a workplace dispute.

You see, Dr Ryan – resident of the second most expensive suburb in Melbourne – hired Ms Rugg to be her Chief of Staff based on Rugg’s record of working for GetUp, campaigning for gay marriage, buddying up with Kevin Rudd to whine about Rupert Murdoch, and generally being one of the most Australia-hating prolific left wing activists in the country.

It’s a match made in heaven.

After all, the Teals are just another shade of Green.

Anyway, it seems that all was not well in paradise and Rugg resigned at the end of 2022 because she was expected to work too hard and is now taking Dr Ryan – Kooyong median house price $3.5 million – to court.

It’s wonderful to see.

On the one hand you’ve got a dress-up Stalinist who, like the Scorpion with the Frog, can’t help but bring the power of the state down upon her employer because she’s been asked to do some work.

On the other it’s Dr Ryan – she who wants to reinstate pre-travel covid testing – who is the ultimate example of the inner city elite pull-up-the-ladder-behind-them Teals – claiming to bring integrity and a New Way to politics, having no clue how to manage a workplace and operate a political office.

The Teal pledge of integrity and a New Way has always been nonsense of course.

They complain about big money distorting our elections but Electoral Commission disclosures show they spent the most of anyone in the 2022 elections by a lot. And most of it thanks to their own Green billionaire Simon Holmes a Court and his Climate 200 shell company.

(Notably, Fowler Independent MP and slayer of Kristina Keneally, Dai Le, doesn’t appear on these top spending lists. No wonder she’s not in the Teal Beach Holiday Home Women’s Club.)

And just today we’ve got the latest declarations which show Teal Senator for Head Knock Induced Brain Injury, David Pocock, spent nearly $1.8 million to win his ACT Senate seat, with nearly $850k of that coming from Climate 200. Staggering.

What’s that about big money again?

I guess that’s nowhere near enough to buy a house in Kooyong so Dr Ryan – member of the Labor party 2007-10 – probably didn’t notice her fellow Teal Party member Senator CTE’s expenses.

This is who the Teals are. Hypocrites. An inner-city elite who got theirs and decided they’d stuff up our country because they had nothing better to do between bottomless brunches and tweeting Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech from their iPads after three glasses of chardonnay.

And Rugg – well – once a leftist activist, always a leftist activist.

We wonder if you can have a court case where both sides lose?