Offshore wind farms are killing whales, crabs and birds. How green!

The hypocrisy of green activists is truly mind-blowing.

These people cruise around in their overpriced Teslas while preaching about human rights...even though the cobalt for their Tesla battery was mined by children in the Congo.

They sip their almond milk lattes while preaching about how industrial farming is killing the planet…without realising that almonds are the most water-intensive crop grown in Australia.

They rant and rave about how much they hate oil and fossil fuels while wearing their sleazy Lycra gym gear and carrying their yoga mat…both of which are made out of oil.

…and they preach about “saving the whales” …even though the offshore wind turbines they want installed up and down our coastlines are killing whales.

Get this.

Since the offshore wind farm boom began off the Atlantic coast of the United States six years ago, the death rate of humpback whales has roughly tripled.


We think not.

In 2017, three minke whales washed up on the UK coast. The press reported that the whales were distressed by the offshore wind farm because their sonar communication was confused by the turbines.

A 2006 report titled “Effects of offshore wind farm noise on marine mammals and fish”, found humpback whales become uncomfortable with the type of noise produced by wind turbines, even from 60 kilometres away.

Meanwhile, a 2021 study into Taiwan’s “Thousand wind turbines project” in the Taiwan Strait said:

“The offshore wind farm life-cycle includes planning, construction, installation, operation maintenance, and decommissioning. The noise and vibrations generated by offshore wind turbines during the construction and operation phase have recently been found to negatively impact hearing sensitivity and cause behavioural changes in numerous marine organisms even at ranges many kilometres distance from the wind farm.”

The noise impacts humans and crabs too.

Recently, Victorian residents sued a wind farm because the noise generated by the turbines meant they were unable to sleep.

The residents won and were paid out.

A 2021 study titled “Effects of low-frequency noise from wind turbines on heart rate variability in healthy individuals” said:

Low frequency exposure “has been found to cause a variety of health conditions” and that “exposure to LFN from wind turbines results in headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritability, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, aural pain, sleep disturbances, and annoyance” while it also “may cause increased risk of epilepsy, cardiovascular effects, and coronary artery disease”.

…and a few years ago, ADVANCE reported on a study by Associate Professor at Heriot-Watt University’s Centre for Marine Biology and Diversity, Alastair Lyndon, which found that underwater sea cables for Britain’s offshore wind turbines were emitting electromagnetic fields that were jeopardising the health of brown crabs.

“Underwater cables emit an electromagnetic field. When it’s at a strength of 500 microteslas and above, which is about 5 per cent of the strength of a fridge door magnet, the crabs seem to be attracted to it and just sit still,” the report said.

“That’s not a problem in itself. But if they’re not moving, they’re not foraging for food or seeking a mate.”

They also “found that exposure to higher levels of electromagnetic field strength changed the number of blood cells in the crabs’ bodies. This could have a range of consequences, like making them more susceptible to bacterial infection.”

…and don’t even get us started on the number of birds that get chomped up by these monstrosities every year.

The conclusion to draw from all of this?

Those politicians and bankers who parade themselves around as people who care about the environment because they’re backing wind farms, don’t actually care about the environment.

As it practically always has been and always will be with these people, it’s just about the money….