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‘Net Zero’ will be the most DESTRUCTIVE policy in Australian history

There’s no bloody doubt about it.

The ABC’s Stan Grant says ‘the Chinese Communist Party mirrors whiteness’

The ABC MUST be defunded…and the number one reason why is their International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant.

BoM’s REBRAND BOMBS: As if fiddling with temperature records wasn’t enough…

With rain and flooding hitting Australia’s east coast right now you’d think there’s plenty to keep the Bureau of Meteorology occupied.

Oi Aussie sports stars: SHUT UP about woke politics…focus on WINNING

Every day we hear the woke-left whinge and whine about “white privilege”.

‘Extreme’ anti-Israel leftist is the new face of NSW Labor

When someone tells you who they are: believe them.

Melbourne City Council appoints ‘chief heat officers’ to fight climate change

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Eight graphs that prove net zero is a woke SCAM

The “energy transition” is a delusion according to the Manhattan Institute, and they have the data to prove it here.

It is time to DEFUND the ABC. We should not be paying for woke propaganda

Is it time to defund the ABC? Common sense says yes.

The Australian War Memorial Should be above politics

There is nothing too sacred for the woke-left, not even the Australian War Memorial.