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Andrew Hastie: ‘If we can’t agree on Western values, how can we defend the West?’

If there’s one man ADVANCE reckons should go for the top job, its former SAS commander and opposition defence spokesman, Andrew Hastie.

ABC, Loopy Lidia call for ‘a republic’ and ‘a treaty’ before Queen’s funeral

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II hasn’t even had her funeral…and yet the woke elites right across the country are calling for a republic.

Tik Tok is sending your data to Xi Jinping and turning our kids woke

It may sound insane, but hear us out.

Greenpeace founder says environmentalism has been ‘hijacked by the political left’

The founder of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore, says polar bear numbers are increasing, temperatures are not rising, and increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is greening the planet.

Spoilt brat Lidia Thorpe throws a tantrum in the Senate

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has lost the plot – if she ever had one to lose.

NET ZERO BLACKOUTS: Blame green energy and woke politicians

We’ve been saying it for years here at ADVANCE: “Mass blackouts are on the horizon”.

Based new MP says pandemic lockdowns belong to “communist dictatorship”

The new independent MP for Fowler, Dai Le, gave a cracker of a speech in federal parliament on Monday.