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Labor overturns Dutton’s ban on ‘woke’ defence events

You may remember Peter Dutton’s brilliant decision to take on “woke” culture in our military last year.

Australian banks turn their backs on petrol and diesel cars

We talk about national security a lot here at ADVANCE.

Teal says we should follow Europe’s lead on ‘green energy’

The teal independents and their inner-city elitist supporters are living on another planet.

Birthing people, squatters, accidental votes and more: The left must be stopped

The Greens, teal “independents”, Labor party and their standover men/wom*n in the media, bureaucracy and academia never ceases to amaze us here at ADVANCE.

Abbott: ‘forget climate change … we need to muscle up and confront China’

If former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was never ousted by miserable ghost Malcolm Turnbull, Australia would be a MUCH better place.

Woke elites racially abuse Warren Mundine for opposing the Voice

If there's one way to define the modern elites who think they run Australia, it's pure hate.

Malcolm Turnbull to vote YES for Albo’s Indigenous Voice in Parliament

If there's one way to know whether something in Australian politics is stupid, just see whether miserable ghost Malcolm Turnbull supports it.

Labor to take more irrigation water off our farmers to appease greenies

The Labor party has an utter disdain for our farmers, and Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek is leading the charge against them.

Australia sends coal to Ukraine while depriving ourselves of cheap power

The Greens must be outraged!