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China’s ambassador to Australia says Taiwan is to Beijing what Tasmania is to Australia

The Chinese Communist Party are the typical spoiled brat.

Green Matt Kean to guide NSW Liberals to electoral disaster

Matt Kean – the bloke just appointed Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal Party – represents everything that's wrong with Australian politics.

South Australia would have been in blackout last night if not for coal-fired power

Last night, South Australia was totally reliant on power from NSW and Victoria’s coal-fired power plants

China says Australia can’t trust Japan because they bombed Darwin 80 years ago

All socialists – whether they're the blue-haired gender queer climate activist at your local university campus or a ruthless dictator from Russia or China – share one thing in common. They all cons...

Labor’s Climate Law to cripple Aussie industry

Labor’s Climate Change Bill, which passed through the House with the support of the Greens and the teal “independents” yesterday, is bloody terrifying…and it’s not just because of Bowen’s net zero ...

Andrew Hastie: Labor’s 2019 Greens policy will cripple ordinary Aussies

If there’s one man patriotic Australians should be keeping an eye on over the next few years, it’s Shadow Defence Minister, Andrew Hastie.

Scientists admit Great Barrier Reef has ‘the highest coral cover ever recorded’

The only thing so-called “climate scientists” can get right, is getting it wrong.

Dutton ponders nuclear power while power prices triple

If our politicians spent as much time rebuilding Australia as they do talking about it, Australia would be a utopia.