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If you chose ISIS, you are no longer Australian

Most Australians take their citizenship seriously.

QLD Deputy Premier cares more about Al Gore’s approval than your energy security

Never forget that your power bills are going up on purpose.

Essendon CEO’s Resignation: Get woke or you’re out

You are not welcome if you are not woke.

Anti-woke patriot will become Italy’s first female Prime Minister.

After years of the establishment of the political elites winning election after election, the pushback has finally begun.

Labor, Pirate Pete want MORE POWER with a Politicians’ Republic

There are so many problems in this country at the moment.

Net Zero: Australia lost 121,500 manufacturing jobs in the last year

Believe it or not…the ABC has told the truth for once. 

Loopy Lidia Thorpe defiles Aussie flag and says the Queen ‘has blood on her hands'

After celebrating the arson of Old Parliament House, refusing to acknowledge Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II while being sworn into parliament, and throwing a tantrum in the Senate after Alex Antic ...

Join OUR FIGHT against Albo’s woke Indigenous Voice

We need YOUR help. Our campaign to tell PM Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton that we DO NOT want an Indigenous Voice in Parliament is working!

Dan Andrews destroyed this bloke’s business, now he’s fighting back in Mulgrave

Australia!  We have a chance to get rid of Dan Andrews in Victoria. But we need YOUR help.