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Albanese betrays Australians with a MASSIVE increase in immigration

This week, the Albanese government betrayed the vast majority of Australians at his so-called “Jobs and Skills Summit”.

China enslaving Uyghur Muslims to produce the solar panels we import

You couldn't make it up if you tried.

Dear Dan: we want an investigation into the treatment of anti-lockdown protestors

It’s a big call, but we’re damn sure of it.

Saturday is Flag Day: Let’s respect and protect the Australian flag

Saturday, September 3 is Flag Day.

QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce should rack off back to Ireland

If there’s one bloke who represents everything that’s wrong with corporate Australia, it’s QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce.

It will take 400 years to produce enough nickel to run the world on renewable energy

Anthony Albanese, Chris Bowen and Matt Kean, we’re sorry but we have to as – why are you so gullible?

The ABC/RMIT’s pathetic ‘fact check’ on ADVANCE’s battery claim is a colossal joke

You want to know how “Fact Checks” work?