The ABC’s staff walkout is a joke

The staff-led collective that is the ABC was at it again this week, walking out on the job because they “Stand with Stan” and “reject racism”.

Well, I’m glad to hear they reject racism. So does ADVANCE. But I’m not sure who was saying they were racist.

Oh, that was Stan!

Stan, of course, being Stan Grant who spectacularly stepped away from his role as host of the worst show on Australian television, Q & A, because – well, it’s not totally clear why.

He says that he is sick of being racially abused and he’s sick of the ABC not sticking up for him. He did not, however, quote or cite any specific abuse, nor did he explain how the ABC did not stick up for him.

In fact, his own article acknowledges the ABC had already lodged an official complaint with Twitter for the alleged abuse he was copping on that platform.

He also, notably, has not actually resigned from the ABC. He’s just decided not to do his job. Presumably, he’ll still be getting paid.

But look, let’s take Stan’s complaints seriously for a moment: ADVANCE unequivocally condemns racism and racist abuse.

And if Stan Grant has a workplace complaint he should take it up with ABC management through the appropriate channels.

But what does this have to do with the rest of the ABC staff?

Just think about it: Stan complained about racism from people online, ABC lodged a complaint with Twitter, and have started a review of their policies.

And the staff have walked out.


This is the model definition of virtue signalling. You could see it in the photos of the walkout online. All these lily-white inner city rich arts graduates solemnly intoning how bad racism is as if they’re not the most privileged class of people in the country.

You know it’s all a show because if they really believed ABC was infiltrated with virulently racist management they would resign. They’d have every reason to.

At the very least we’d have heard about it before Stan decided to go on gardening leave.

Because the ABC is the first in line to call anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with their race-obsessed view of the world racist and bigoted. 

They jump up and down all the time about diversity and inclusion and spend hours of airtime across their platforms every day rending their garments about how bad Australia is.

That’s how you know yesterday’s walkout was fake.

What they’re really doing is putting on a performance. Making sure their colleagues see they care about racism. It’s a demonstration of loyalty to the left wing cause of the day.

And today they’re back at work, getting their share of the ABC’s $1.1 billion of taxpayer money.

What a joke.