The ABC’s glowing Voice reviews show they’re at it again

There’s three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the ABC’s bias towards left wing causes.

No matter how much they try to hide it – how much they insist they’re neutral and just stating the facts – they can’t help themselves. The pull towards being a folk hero amongst their Sunday rosé brunch friends is too strong.

And on the divisive Voice they’re no different.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price found them out when she discovered prominent ABC hosts Laura Tingle, Patricia Karvelas and Dan Bourchier wrote glowing promotional blurbs for the pro-Voice book by Labor union hack Thomas Mayo.

According to the Daily Mail:

Tingle called the Uluru Statement – which has led to the upcoming referendum on the Voice – a ‘truly transformational gift … if only we take it’.

Karvelas said the book was ‘a profound piece of work that asks us to consider a future where First Nations people … are placed at the heart of our country’.

Bourchier said the Voice was ‘a powerful reminder of the gift from the Elders and a call to action to all Australians’.

Senator Price told The Daily Telegraph:

“As a publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC must pull its people into line and ensure balanced reporting.”

Which is an extremely charitable way of putting it.

It’s not about ensuring balanced reporting. It’s about stopping flagrant activism from taxpayer funded journalists.

It’s about stopping senior journalists from treating their platform on the ABC as a bully-pulpit to push their chosen causes while only paying lip service to any opposing views.

Does anyone seriously think it’s possible for Tingle to be fair on the divisive Voice when she calls it a “truly transformational gift”? Is Karvelas capable of asking Voice proponents (one of the most public and vocal of whom is Thomas Mayo himself) hard questions about why enshrining racial separation in the constitution is a good thing?

It’s laughable.

They’re playing you for mugs.

So good on Senator Nampijinpa Price for calling them out.