WATCH: One Together, Not Two Divided

FAIR AUSTRALIA, powered by ADVANCE, has launched its first formidable national advertising campaign against the divisive Voice.

Featuring NT senator and campaign spokeswoman Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and her husband Colin Lillie, ‘One, Together’ brings home in a personal sense the real impact of this massive change to Australia’s national rulebook.

No matter how the Prime Minister spins it, changing the constitution is a big deal.

The fact is, if this referendum is successful, Australia will be forever divided by race.

The Voice, a powerful and unique legislated lobby group with the Constitutional right to speak to the Australian Parliament and Executive Government, will only represent you if you are Indigenous.

And if you’re not Aboriginal or from the Torres Strait Islands, there will be a new chapter of the Constitution that doesn’t apply to you.

For Jacinta and Colin, that means a dividing line running through the middle of their family.

Colin, a Scottish migrant, and Jacinta, a Warlpiri-Celtic woman, are the embodiment of the promise of Australia. 

Every day they live the reality that you can come from across the seas or be part of the oldest continuous culture in the world, and still be fully part of the Australian family.

In the new ad from FAIR AUSTRALIA, Jacinta and Colin share their story and explain how the Voice isn’t a simple and modest request – it’s a radical proposal that would divide them as Australians.

Their concern is one many Australians share. They understand our nation’s unity rests on being equal in the Constitution and fixing our problems together, not separately.

The divisive Voice undermines that shared investment in the Australian project and, as Jacinta and Colin demonstrate, the only way forward is to Vote No to Division.

That’s the only way to ensure we remain a country that’s one together, not two divided.