Perrottet and Kean block project that could cut power bills

The NSW Liberal party is about as weak and pathetic as they come.

While families struggle to pay their gas and energy bills; Dominic Perrottet and Matt Kean have decided to block an offshore gas project 50 kilometres off the coast of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.

The project would have been a winner.

By 2024, it was set to supply gas at a price of around $8 a gigajoule – over 60 per cent cheaper than the current gas price being offered in the wholesale markets.

Imagine how much that would’ve helped Aussie families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

It also would’ve played a key role in filling the massive gas shortfall Australia’s east coast is set to face later this year according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The justification for scrapping such an important project?

The greenest Liberal in the history of Australia, Matt Kean, said he doesn’t “want drilling destroying our coastline, hurting tourism jobs and ruining an important way of life for local swimmers, surfers, and fishers”.

Really, mate?

Do you know anything about drilling for gas?

We have some of the world’s best engineers who know EXACTLY how to safely extract gas from conventional and unconventional sources.

By the way, why are you banning gas drilling?

Matt, have you ever been to the Amalfi coast for a romantic Italian holiday?

Well, 50 kilometres off the coast, there’s 22 gas and oil extraction wells that have been operating smoothly for over 50 years!

Are you saying the Italians don’t care about their beautiful waters and environment because they haven’t banned the exploration and extraction of offshore gas?

Matt, have you ever heard a complaint from a tourist about the gas wells off the beaches in Italy? Nobody even knows they’re there, mate…and the Italians are just grateful for the cheap power.

The same goes for the Dutch. Off the coast of Amsterdam, there are dozens of oil and gas wells, with triple that off the coast of Norway and Scotland.

Matt, are you saying that the Dutch, Norwegians and Scots don’t care about the environment?

How about the Israelis? 50 kilometres off the coast of Tel Aviv there are three new oil and gas wells, and their beaches are some of the most popular in the Mediterranean.

The same goes for Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as the Indians, Bangladeshis, Mexicans, Brazilians, the entire Middle East, and many many more.

So, why is Matt Kean banning gas exploration and extraction off the coast of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong?

It appears the man is desperate to win the wealthy, beachside seats of Vaucluse, Manly and Pittwater – which all voted teal at the last federal election.

His logic?

Cave to insane green demands and hope that his “modern Liberal” cronies can get elected.

Meanwhile, he’s condemning the struggling families of western Sydney and rural New South Wales to energy poverty.

So much for Menzies’ Forgotten People…