Rudd says the ‘world will be outraged’ if we vote NO for an Indigenous Voice

Former Prime Minister turned Ambassador to the United States, Kevin Rudd, is out of control.

The man who is supposed to be above politics as Australia’s most senior diplomat, has just intervened in the Voice debate.

(Note: nobody should be surprised by this. Having put up with him as PM, we all know how unbelievably ego-driven and arrogant he is.)

On the anniversary of his “Sorry” speech to Indigenous Australians, Rudd said that it would be embarrassing for Australia not to pass Albo’s Voice to Parliament.

He said, “I shudder to think what the reaction will be across the world, were this referendum to fail. If we are seen to turn our back on so simple a request from those who have been the custodians of this ancient land since the Dreamtime.”

Really, mate?

First, of all, the Voice to Parliament is NOT “a simple request”.

As the Institute of Public Affairs’, Daniel Wild said, “it is a dangerous demand”.

As ADVANCE keeps saying, the ‘Voice to Parliament’ is a TROJAN HORSE that threatens our democracy and would VANDALISE our Constitution.

The evidence is everywhere.

Greens leader Adam Bandt says he has received “guarantees on Sovereignty and funding to progress Treaty and Truth” from the Labor government”.

In other words?

In exchange for Greens support of the Voice, Labor has promised to pursue a Treaty and give Indigenous Australians “Sovereignty”.

How would a Treaty work?

Well, New Zealand’s Treaty with the Maori means “the racial characteristics of each New Zealander influences who gets what say in managing national resources, making laws, and how laws should be applied,” according to the Institute of Public Affairs.

As a result, “New Zealand’s current constitutional arrangements are unfair, undemocratic, and politically divisive”.

What could possibly go wrong?

Secondly, NOBODY CARES about whether Australia has an Indigenous Voice to parliament.

Does America have a Native American Voice? NO.

Does Canada have a Voice for the Innuits? NO.

Does the United Kingdom have a Voice for the Anglo-Saxons who were genocided by the Normans in the 11th Century? NO.

Does France have a Voice for the Huguenot Protestant minority who were pushed out of the country by the Catholic Church in the seventeenth century? NO. 

Does the Chinese Communist Party have a Voice for the Manchus, Tibetans, Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities who were pushed out of power by the Hans over the last four centuries? NO.

Does the Congo have a Voice for the pygmy peoples of central Africa who were pushed out of their lands during the Bantu expansion 2000 years ago? NO.

Does the Moriori minority of New Zealand’s Chatham Islands have a Voice given they were violently murdered by a Maori tribe in the early nineteenth century? NO, only the Maori get a Voice in New Zealand.

The list goes on…

So, to Kevin Rudd:

Go back to Washington DC, shut up, and do your job.

Make sure President Joe Biden has the mental faculties to make sure Beijing doesn’t make a move on Taiwan, instead of meddling in the social politics of Australia.

Kind regards,

The ADVANCE team 😊