Wayne Swan wants to tax your super while enjoying a $300k taxpayer-funded pension

Can our politicians be any more out-of-touch?

This week, the Albanese government said they want to tighten superannuation tax concessions.

Labor’s national president and former treasurer Wayne Swan backed the case for a $3 million cap. Of course, it looks like Albo and the rest of Labor are on board.

The short point?

Australians who have worked hard and saved in super – just like the government encouraged them – won’t enjoy tax concessions on the money they’ve put aside for retirement.

Meanwhile, according to the IPA, Swan receives a taxpayer-funded pension in the order of $300,000 every year until the day he dies.

The Prime Minister is also on a nice wicket.

If PM Albanese retired today, he would be entitled to a base annual parliamentary pension of $162,795 per annum as he has served for more than 18 years. But factoring in his position as Prime Minister, former opposition leader and a former minister, his annual pension could be as much as $416,800.

Can you believe this?

Politicians who are set up for a lavish taxpayer-funded retirement want to hike taxes on the money Aussie workers are putting aside for retirement.

They think they’re entitled to your super money.

They think they can spend it better than you can.

And they think it’s okay to take your super money while they enjoy a taxpayer-funded pension for the rest of their lives.

Australians didn’t vote for this.

You didn’t vote for the Voice.

You didn’t vote for Jim Chalmers to “remake capitalism”.

And you sure as hell didn’t vote for Labor and the Greens to raid your retirement nest egg.