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Activists pressure BHP to sell their coal mines. Rich Chinese have bought them up instead

Climate activists – especially those in banking and the union-dominated superannuation industry – are inadvertently making the environment worse by their own twisted logic. 

Angus Taylor claims power prices are down, ignores that prices were 7x lower in the 80s

Although his staffers may think otherwise, Australians aren’t fooled by Energy Minister Angus Taylor’s claim power prices have come down.

Jordan Peterson: ‘ESG scores are equivalent to China’s social credit system’

One of the biggest threats to Australia’s economic growth and productivity is woke culture in the corporate world.

Biden’s energy mess: he needs oil and gas just like we do

Not only does sleepy Joe Biden find it difficult to remember his own name, he’s now conveniently forgotten the green policies he took to the 2020 election.

Modern Liberal blames high house prices on the states, ignores immigration and banks

Chair of the Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Housing Affordability and Supply Jason Falinski MP is your typical “modern Liberal”.

Twiggy’s ‘green hydrogen’ numbers yet to add up

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest is the ultimate green elite.

Riverina farmer: ‘solar energy is a toxic nightmare’

Nothing matches the passion of a patriotic Aussie battler from the bush, and Lynette LaBlack is the perfect exemple.

If Australia runs out of water, it will have nothing to do with climate change

Although he’s not particularly popular in certain parts of regional Australia, Deputy Nationals leader David Littleproud is standing up for what’s important. 

Only 15 per cent of Aussies want to change the date of Australia Day

Believe it or not, there’s still hope for Australia’s youth.