Why Queen Woke’s Appointment Matters

What more proof do you need about how it’s the elites and activists vs the families and farmers than the PM’s latest stunt.

He made a captain’s pick of Sam “Queen Woke” Mostyn AO as the next Governor General of Australia shows his bad judgement and his contempt for you and your country.

Mostyn is the worst kind of corporate activist.

A former Labor staffer who has built a career on getting cushy jobs on corporate and government boards; who is at home on the red carpet of the latest gala awards dinner thrown by the elites and activists.

Mostyn, who said she’s proud to have been a quota pick on boards, campaigned against the majority of Australians in the divisive Voice referendum.

In social media posts she has now deleted, she has argued to change the date of Australia Day, which she has also referred to as “Invasion Day”. 



According to Mostyn, the Voice to Parliament would have fixed the emotional and social wellbeing of Indigenous Australians by “rectifying the origins of the Australian story”.

She praised the American “Black Lives Matter” movement and said Australia was “never ceded” and modern Australia is made up of “occupiers”.

Not only that, she’s openly a republican – just like the PM.

That means she’s been given a $500,000 a year job to represent an institution she doesn’t even believe in in a country she doesn’t think is legitimate.

If Australians want to see an example of the left’s march through our institutions – this is it, right in front of us.

You might think that because the Governor General’s role is ceremonial and largely symbolic, it doesn’t really matter who does it.

But that’s actually why it matters.

It’s a specifically non-partisan and non-political role that sits above the day to day fight to ensure our stable system of government endures.

It’s why it’s so frequently been a job done by former judges, law officers, and generals in the Defence Force.

These are people who have, over a long time, demonstrated commitment and loyalty to Australia and our institutions no matter which party ends up forming government.

That is, the opposite of Mostyn’s career.

But Albanese and Mostyn don’t care about that. They wanted to destroy our constitution, and wanted you to thank them for it.

Her appointment is an insult to mainstream Australians and confirms Albanese cares more about the activists and elites than the people working hard to make this nation great.

ADVANCE opposes this deeply political appointment to what should be a completely non-political role.