Who’s side is Albo on?

Talk about wrong priorities.

You probably are aware of the debacle that is the High Court ruling that let 142 illegal immigrants – including convicted rapists and murderers – loose on the Australian community.

But what’s made it worse is the Albanese Labor Government’s complete failure to fix the legislation that let this happen.

It’s been three weeks since the High Court ruling, three weeks since these people who are a clear danger to the community have been released, and the government still hasn't sorted it out.

And now it turns out many of the detainees who were meant to be monitored have not been and no one knows where they are anymore.

It’s the Government’s first responsibility to protect its own citizens and on that front they’ve comprehensively failed.

Not only that, we’ve now had a boat of illegals arrive for the first time in years because the people smugglers know that Albo doesn’t have the ticker to uphold strong border policies.

And the word from our Immigration officials is this is just the start. As The Australian reports:

Operation Sovereign Borders and Australian Border Force officials are on high alert for people smuggling ventures to Australia amid a rush of asylum seekers into Indonesia and surge in illegal maritime activity across South-East Asia.

So what is the Government doing? 

A competent government who put Australians first would be working around the clock to fix the legislative loophole, to boost our Border Force, and to boost our Defence.

Instead, Albo is taking the coward’s option by having his Ministers make personal attacks on the Opposition and he’s tweeting pictures of himself at his desk in a band t-shirt.

While he is cutting funding for the Australian Defence Force.

This is a serious test for Anthony Albanese. Is he on your side – the side of the Australian people – or not?

From interest rates, to electricity prices, and the defence budget, Albo keeps picking their side and not yours. 

But this is now a serious test of national security and so far, it’s a test he’s failing.