Loopy Lidia Thorpe’s MOST EMBARRASSING moments as Senator

There’s no doubt about it.

Loopy Lidia Thorpe has got to go.

Last week we learned she was dating the former president of the Rebels bikie gang while serving on a government committee that was privy to confidential briefings about organised crime.

If there was ever a reason for a Senator to be banished from Australia’s halls of parliament, this is it.

…and that’s why we need your help.

If you want to help force Loopy Lidia out of parliament click this link to tell Adam Bandt and the Greens to sack her and banish her from the Senate.

We’ve already sent them thousands of angry emails from our supporters, but we need more… so join the fight!

In the meantime, enjoy the non-exhaustive list of Loopy Lidia’s top ten temper tantrums the ADVANCE team has put together below.

Strap yourself in…

  1. In response to far-left protestors burning down Old Parliament House in Canberra, Loopy Lidia Thorpe wrote “seems like the colonial system is burning down”. She even had the gall to write “happy new year everyone” with the accompanying hashtag #AlwayswasAlwayswillbeAboriginalLand. Loopy Lidia clearly didn’t realise that it was in Old Parliament House where Aboriginals were granted full voting rights, included in the Census, and Neville Bonner became the first Aboriginal member of parliament. What a clown!
  2. Earlier this year, Loopy Lidia abused a group of police officers in Melbourne for doing their job. She was caught on tape waving her arms in the officers’ faces. She called them an “absolute disgrace”, “violent perpetrators” and the “only criminals on this land” who were locking up “innocent people” and “Aboriginals”. Meanwhile, her mob of supporters followed her lead screaming “shame” and calling the police officers “white supremacist pigs” while others spray-painted their shallow activist slogans on a government van. What was her reasoning for drumming up all this unhinged, unprofessional and unruly insanity? Senator Thorpe was trying to stop the deportation of 12 detainees to Christmas Island who she described as “innocent people”. But it turns out the detainees Senator Thorpe was trying to protect were s501 and s116 visa cancellations…these sections refer to the sexual crimes of a child and domestic violence respectively. Seriously Lidia?
  3. In the Senate a few months ago, Loopy Lidia branded the Queen as a “coloniser” while reciting the oath of allegiance mandatory for all parliamentarians. She said, “I sovereign, Lidia Thorpe, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I will be faithful, and I bear true allegiance to the colonising Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.” Meanwhile, Thorpe walked through the Senate with her held up her arm in a clenched wrist like she’s some sort of hardcore revolutionary from the early twentieth century…clearly forgetting that she was voted in by a pack of skinny, blue-haired, mask-wearing vegan socialists from inner-city Melbourne. What a nut!
  4. With the Voice debate heating up, Loopy Lidia said the Voice to Parliament referendum is a “waste of money”. She said the funds could be better spent in Indigenous communities and that she hasn’t decided whether to support or oppose the Voice personally but believed it would be a “wasted exercise”. Wait … ADVANCE and our hundreds of thousands of supporters agree!
  5. Loopy Lidia lost it when Senator Alex Antic called out woke activism in the Senate. She screamed, “RACIST! ANTIC IS A RACIST! THIS IS NOT A SAFE WORKPLACE. I FEEL VIOLATED”. In fact, the situation got so bad, Labor's Acting Deputy Senate President had to step in to shut Thorpe up and tell her to withdraw her attack on Antic as a sign of respect for parliamentary process. But she wasn’t having a bar of it. Thorpe responded by saying “I’m not withdrawing because it’s a fact”. After being asked to withdraw her comment again, she continued: “President I was stating a fact”. She was given another chance to withdraw, but once again refused, saying she feels "violated", before screaming and yelling until she had her microphone cut off. On the fifth occasion, however (clearly after getting some sensible advice), she finally withdrew her comments and ate humble pie.
  6. On Australia’s National Day of Mourning for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Loopy Lidia took part in a disgraceful protest where the Australian flag was defiled – a symbol hundreds of thousands of Australians gave their lives to defend. She also said, “the Crown has blood on their hands” and that “they rule our lives through the colonial violence the Crown brought her”. Show some respect, Lidia!
  7. Loopy Lidia cried racism at Canberra airport because she was told to reduce the weight of her carry-on bag before boarding a plane. She said, “she was in shock”. She said she “doesn’t think this would have happened to a white woman”. You can’t make this stuff up if you tried…