We live in the greatest country in the world and it’s worth celebrating.

People come from around the world to live here and enjoy our prosperity and freedom.

But elites and activists think the opposite. They think our country is something shameful and they are hell bent on attacking our country’s values and the things that make us great.

And the easiest thing to attack is Australia Day.

Because if they can stop you celebrating it, they think they can start changing everything else about our country.

The push to change the date has been gaining momentum and attention for years.

But you and I know it’s not really about the date: it’s about hating Australia.

It’s time to push back.

Henry Pike MP, the member for Bowman, has introduced the Australia Day Bill 2023 to the Parliament so that the date of Australia Day cannot change without a vote of the public.

That’s how democracy should work - not with activists changing the rules and imposing their agenda behind closed doors.

Sign the petition to back the Australia Day Bill 2023

Because if you don’t stand up for our national day, you know the elites and activists will come for it and get rid of it the first chance they get.

Let’s not give them that chance.

Sign the petition today and give power back to the people!

Australia is a great country and we’re proud of it.

It’s good to celebrate our country on Australia Day.

The fact is those who want to change the date really just hate our country.

They think being Australian is something to be ashamed of and it’s not worth celebrating.

And I’ve had enough.

The date must not change without the consent of the Australian people.

That’s why I’m backing Henry Pike MP’s Australia Day Bill 2023.

Because the elites shouldn’t get to decide our national day behind closed doors.

We need to protect January 26 as the day we celebrate together.

And we need to make it clear: it’s a good thing to celebrate our nation.

Goal: 35,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?