Show your support for our ANZACs

You can stand up to cancel culture and show your support for our ANZACs by signing this open letter today.

In recent years there has been a concerning push from the radical Left to end ANZAC Day.

These people say that ANZAC Day is no longer relevant. They say ANZAC Day glorifies war. They say ANZAC Day has just become an excuse to get drunk and gamble. And here's what one of our National Broadcasters' commentators had to say:

But you know better – ANZAC Day is a precious moment in the Australian calendar when we acknowledge a core aspect of our national spirit.

The servicemen and women who have served Australia in foreign conflicts have given of themselves immensely – sometimes with their lives – for our freedom. Celebrating them on ANZAC Day is a vital way we recognise the significance of their work in creating the safe, free and fair nation we enjoy living in today.

To show your support for your ANZACs, please sign the open letter. Your words of thanks will express your commitment to these generous and brave men and women, and the values they demonstrate.

Dear servicemen and women of Australia, past and present,

This ANZAC Day, we are proud to honour your sacrifice for our nation.

We are here today – safe and free – because of the sacrifices made by you and those who went before you.

From the cove of Gallipoli to the deserts of the Middle East, and now to cyberspace where the battles are far less visible, we recognise the work that you have done and will continue to do to keep Australia free, secure, and prosperous.

We affirm that your commitment to Australia is deserving of profound recognition and sombre gratitude, and it is our privilege to set aside ANZAC Day to honour you.

Thank you for what you have done for Australia.

From 150,000 ADVANCE supporters and a grateful nation.

Goal: 25,000 SIGNATURES

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