Sign the open letter today to get the Left’s gag off the ABC

You used to be able to trust the ABC – but now it’s been hijacked by the radical Left.

Unlike their commercial competitors, the ABC has no need to attract subscribers or undergo any significant editorial scrutiny.

An obvious deficiency in the public broadcasting landscape is a public broadcasting Ombudsman – an independent adjudicator – to ensure the ABC is being fair and balanced.

Action is needed now because the ABC is:

  • Promoting politically correct but inaccurate viewpoints on issues like Indigenous history.
  • Upholding the Left while unfairly attacking the conservative right  – and leaving mainstream Australia behind.
  • Using drag queens to teach our young children radical gender theory on taxpayer-funded children’s shows and more.

You can help call for an independent ombudsman – an idea promoted by SA Senator Alex Antic – to get your taxpayer-funded news back to being politically impartial, fair, honest and trustworthy.

Push back now by signing this open letter to the Minister for Communications.

To the Minister for Communications, The Hon Paul Fletcher MP,

I’m concerned that the ABC is not politically unbiased and impartial as it should be.

The ABC is being hijacked by left wing ideology and constantly plugging the narrative that the other side of politics is the “biggest threat to Australia and the world today” while pushing politically correct inaccuracies and dangerous ideologies.

The Australian people deserve accurate and impartial news and current affairs programming.

Research shows that 82% of Australians (voters of all persuasions) believe there should be an independent ombudsman – an independent adjudicator – on whether they are being fair and balanced.

And 83% of Australians also believe that the ABC should aim for diversity of conservative and progressive voices, considering that it aims for diversity in other areas such as gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

One great concern is how the ABC is using drag queens and taxpayer-funded children’s shows to teach radical gender theory to young children – and providing a link through the ABC Kids Community page to drive children to sexualised images online.

Australians need to be able to trust the ABC is impartial and unbiased in its news reporting, and also respects the innocence of our children.

So, I’m asking you to provide an independent ombudsman – an idea promoted by SA Senator Alex Antic – to make sure the ABC meets its obligations as a publicly funded broadcaster to be politically unbiased, impartial, fair and trustworthy. Thank you!

Goal: 45,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?