Sign this open letter now to stop Labor, the Greens and the Teals’ ‘Ministry of Truth’ controlling you

If our government is allowed to censor what can and can’t be said, our democracy dies.

No politician should restrict the right of citizens like you to hear ALL sides of the story.

But right now, Labor, the Greens and the Teals are planning a new law to let the government decide what’s ‘true’ and what’s not.

They want to make their own ‘Ministry of Truth’.

They want new ‘political truth’and ‘misinformation’2 laws to stop Australians having their say.

They want the government to decide the truth. And if they decide you’re guilty of ‘misinformation’, they’ll shut you down and hit solid citizens with unfair criminal convictions.

Faceless bureaucrats and big tech will decide what’s true and what isn’t – but how can they decide who’s telling the truth and who’s lying?

The truth is – they can’t.

We already know the ‘fact checkers’ get it wrong all the time. It’s a disgrace. And these laws will make it worse.

Legitimate points of view will be silenced. Social media posts hidden. Signs pulled down. Australians on trial for stating their beliefs.

This is not about truth, it’s about suppressing those who disagree.

That’s why together we’re calling on Australia’s MPs to block this authoritarian power grab.

Together we’re urgently demanding they put the values of free speech and open debate.

Add your signature to this open letter today to defend your freedom and reject the authoritarian ‘Ministry of Truth’.

Join the many freedom-loving Aussies like you who are fighting to protect their freedom today.


1 The Guardian, ‘Liberal party opposes Labor’s truth in political advertising and spending cap laws’, October 26, 2022.
2 The Daily Mail, ‘How everyday Aussies could be slapped with massive fines under Anthony Albanese's “disturbing” new misinformation laws’, July 5, 2023.

To Australia’s Federal MPs,

Our democracy was founded on the principles of free speech and free debate.

Australians should have the right to hear all the arguments – the good ones and the bad ones – and decide for ourselves what’s true and what’s false.

Politicians and unelected bureaucrats have no place interfering in that process.

The so-called ‘fact checkers’ already get it wrong all the time. How much worse would the situation be if a ‘Ministry of Truth’ were given an explicit mandate to control free speech?

I urge you to consider the full consequences of this terrible idea.

You know that politicians enforcing their own views as the state-held ‘truth’ is nothing short of being totalitarian and despotic. It’s un-Australian and cannot be allowed.

You know that democracy relies on free speech and open debate – and that more free speech, not censorship, is the best way to handle what you call ‘misinformation’.

Australia already has a robust legal framework for dealing with dangerous lies or defamation. We do not need special laws for politicians.

I ask you now to stand up for our democracy and reject the proposed ‘Ministry of Truth’.

I implore you to respect our democracy and commit yourself to this country’s founding principles: free speech and free debate.

Stop this authoritarian ‘Ministry of Truth’ in its tracks now.

Goal: 60,000 SIGNATURES

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