Dr Jim Chalmers is in charge of the economy.

That means he is responsible when your interest rates go up.

He is responsible when you can’t afford rent.

He is responsible when Woolies and Coles jack up their prices.

He is responsible when the doctor charges you $80 to see your kids when Medicare is supposed to be free.

Dr Jim Chalmers has the power to do something.

And you have the power to make him.

Instead of fighting for you, he pushed the Voice to Parliament.

He is hitting you with a new tax on utes and big family cars.

Instead of fighting for families and farmers, he is choosing the activists and elites.

Dr Jim Chalmers is Mr Cost of Living Crisis.

Let’s be clear, Jim Chalmers is not a medical doctor, he’s not an economics doctor, he’s a political doctor who is failing.

Sign the petition before he hits you again and tell him straight: Jim, do your job.

Aussie families are struggling.

Cost of living is through the roof. Groceries, electricity, fuel, seeing a GP – it’s all gone up.

As Treasurer of Australia, Dr Jim Chalmers is responsible.

He is the politician responsible for the economy.

He has the authority to fix this.

But he hasn’t.

Instead he pushed a divisive Voice to Parliament.

He’s planning to slug families and tradies with a ute and family car tax.

Instead of fighting for Aussie families and farmers, he’s decided he’s on the side of the elites and activists.

This cannot go on.

We are calling on Jim Chalmers to address the cost of living crisis immediately.

And to get on our side, not theirs.

It’s time for you to do your job, Jim.

Goal: 10,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?