Dump The Heritage Laws

Your home is your castle, and that deserves respect.

And that’s how it’s always been but a new Western Australian law has changed that for good.

They’ve embarked on an all-out assault on property rights with their Aboriginal Heritage Laws.

Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek are already planning their own federal version of these laws, which would send this disaster NATIONWIDE.

They’ll be all the worse if the divisive Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum gets up and has its say.

In WA, these new laws mean that hundreds of thousands of property owners can’t plant a tree or dig a hole on their land without paying for a permit and asking permission.

Already some land-owners are saying their property has become “worthless” overnight.

Many will be forced to pay government consultants for approvals from a new Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Service, which will be responsible for determining whether an activity on your land will cause “harm” to “cultural heritage”.

WA needs to scrap these laws right now, and if Australians don’t fight back against federal, state and territory governments now there’s every chance they’ll spread across the country.

Tell the state and territory leaders that these laws must not be introduced in your state – and they should be dumped in WA.


To the Prime Minister, State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers,

The new Western Australian Aboriginal Heritage Laws are a direct attack on fundamental property rights and basic Australian values.

I’m deeply concerned about these laws being introduced federally and in other states and territories.

We are all Australians, we have to share this country, and it’s unfair to divide us by giving one group a say over another.

That’s what this law does. 

And it threatens the livelihoods and financial security of potentially thousands of Western Australians.

My home is my castle, and it’s not fair or right to impose new rules, costs, and restrictions on my home.

So don’t follow WA down this path. Rule out any law like this right now and defend your constituents’ right to their home. 

Goal: 25,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?