Sign the pledge to stop the Greens taking control over you

The Greens are a threat to Australia’s freedom, security and prosperity.

And there’s a very real risk of them grabbing the balance of power in the upcoming federal election.

But you can help stop them by signing the pledge below to show you won’t be tricked or controlled by them.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s so important for you to sign the pledge today to stand against the radical Greens:

  1. The Greens will reverse tax cuts for middle-income Australians.
  2. The Greens want a Labor-style super-profits tax on the mining, oil and gas industry, which would kill hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs, and fall on the shoulders of blue collar workers.
  3. The Greens will bring back a climate tax, leading to massive hikes in your household power bills.
  4. The Greens want net zero emission by 2040 and 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030, attacking business and making power bills even more expensive.
  5. The Greens want to defund the police.
  6. The Greens will defund our military and open the borders to illegal immigrants.
  7. The Greens will cancel Australia’s missile defences, weakening our nation.
  8. The Greens will tear up our military alliance with the United States.
  9. The Greens will make what they call ‘hate speech’ a crime, and choke your free speech.
  10. The Greens will axe school chaplains and replace them with ‘Safe Schools’ gender warriors to indoctrinate our kids into gender fluidity.

My Pledge

I’ve had enough of the Greens’ great ‘Bait and Switch’ – Australians are being drawn in with green promises of ‘saving the planet’ only to wind up with a radical agenda that will destroy our nation’s security, prosperity and freedom.

The Greens will ban coal, gas and oil, which will kill Australian jobs.

The Greens’ massive climate taxes will attack Australian families and businesses, causing power bills to skyrocket.

The Greens will weaken our borders and dismantle our national defences.

The Greens will choke free speech and indoctrinate our kids into gender fluidity.

The Greens will reverse tax cuts for middle-income Australians.

So I want to join with others in standing up to stop the Greens from killing the Australian way of life.

And I pledge to let my mates know about the Greens’ radical hidden agenda. I pledge to help stop the Greens’ hoax from hoodwinking the Australian people at the next election.

Because friends like me don’t let their friends vote Green.

Goal: 12,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?