Tell Dictator Dan it's time to go

How you can call time on Daniel Andrews’ Premiership


The most shameful Premier has led the most shameful government.

And now it’s time to put an end to Dictator Dan’s reign.

Join with tens of thousands of Australians and frustrated Victorians in telling Dan Andrews it’s time to go.

Tell Dictator Dan the party’s over.

Sign the petition today!

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A Raw, Never-Ending, Thirst for Power
And now he has the power to bypass Parliament and suspend democracy

'Never let a crisis go to waste'.

That could be the motto of Dan Andrews’ premiership.

COVID-19 has provided the excuse for Dan Andrews to grant himself unprecedented power.

Victorians joke about 'Dictator Dan', but the 'emergency laws' passed by Labor last year are no laughing matter.

They will allow Dan Andrews to declare emergency rule under a pandemic – without any cases of a disease – and make up his own laws without any checks and balances.

He will be able to lock down the state anytime he wants and there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

Imagine giving yourself the power to make any law you want, without the bother of Parliament?

If that’s not dictatorship, what is?

The 'emergency laws' have angered everyone from mainstream Australians to top lawyers, who’ve called them everything from 'tyrannical' to 'rule by decree'.

It’s one power-grab too many.

Sign the petition now to tell Dan Andrews you’ve had a gutful.


Scandal after scandal, after scandal, after scandal
Any normal person would’ve fled in shame a long time ago

How many scandals does it take to bring down a government?

How many ministers need to resign or be sacked before the Premier accepts responsibility?

Dan Andrews has repeatedly thrown his ministers under the bus to save his own political skin.

Labor’s corruption scandals had already ground the government to a halt, even before COVID-19.

We’ve seen:

  • Allegations of branch stacking involving ministers who’ve had to quit.
  • A dodgy deal with the firefighters’ union, which is still before the corruption watchdog.
  • Charges of misuse of printing allowances to fund branch stacking.
  • The 'red shirts' scandal in which Labor misused $388,000 of taxpayers’ money to fund its political campaigns.

One Labor minister even had to quit after using his taxpayer-funded limousine to chauffeur around his two dogs.

His Labor government is rife with incompetence and corruption, from top to bottom.

In all, seven cabinet ministers have been forced to quit because of scandals.

When something is rotten, it’s rotten.

Demand change. Sign the petition now.


Dan Andrews is Beijing’s man in Melbourne
You can’t stand up for Victoria when you’re kowtowing to China

Whose side is Dan Andrews on?

China is waging an economic war on Australia.

The communist superpower has super-taxed our wine, barley, timber, lobster and coal.

But that hasn’t stopped Dictator Dan from cheerleading for China.

He even signed up to the Communist Party Government’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.

Why is Dan Andrews cosying up to communist dictators like Xi Jinping?

Why is he undermining Australia’s foreign policy by going it alone on ‘Belt and Road’?

You deserve a Premier who won’t compete against Australia.

Take action today and tell Dictator Dan the party’s over. Time to go!


Don’t Wait for The Liberal Party to Get the Job Done
Get out in front and take matters into your own hands

How bad do things have to get in Victoria before we see a change?

Today you have an opportunity to put character front and centre.

This is your chance to draw a line in the sand, to send a clear message.

Don’t wait for others to act.

Don’t just think, "Oh, the Liberal Party will take care of it."

It’s time to get out in front and take responsibility for this state.

Together we can build the momentum to show Dan Andrews the door.

And we can do it in spite of all the other political parties and wannabees.

Take the initiative.

Sign the petition now and give Daniel Andrews a push out the door.

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“But how can I make a difference?”
Your voice is more powerful than you think!

Daniel Andrews has dominated Victorian politics for so long.

It’s easy to think your voice can’t make a difference.

But when we act together we can make a BIG difference.

In just a few short years, ADVANCE supporters have helped put important issues front and centre in our national debate.

Together we’ve had some important wins:

  • Scrapping the woke-left changes to the National Curriculum that would have stopped future generations from learning about Australia’s heritage and our contribution to the world.
  • Stopping woke politicians changing the date of Australia Day from January 26 so that all Australians can celebrate our national day with pride.
  • Defeating Bill Shorten’s plans to introduce a Retiree Tax. Long before anyone was talking about it, ADVANCE supporters were out there, raising awareness and putting this issue front and centre.

ADVANCE supporters like you have sent more than 50,000 emails to more than 520 politicians.

And now your voice is needed to call, 'Time’s up Dan Andrews!'

It’s time to put a stop to this shameful premiership.

By signing this petition, you’ll be joining with tens of thousands of mainstream Australians who believe Victoria deserves better.

Every signature is another push out the door for Dictator Dan’s premiership.

Add your voice today to the call for Dan Andrews to go.

Tell Dan it’s time to go! >>


Dan Andrews:

Today I’m joining with tens of thousands of angry Victorians to call for change.

Our demands are simple.

Stop telling us how to live our lives.

End the scandals.

Reinstate democracy.

Stand up to China.

Do your job right – or resign now.

The party’s over. Time to go.

You’ll be hearing more from us.

Election Day, November 2022, we’re coming for you.

See you on the battlefield.

Goal: 10,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?