How you can Power Up Australia and drive down our electricity bills

It’s time to POWER UP and run our nation on nuclear energy.

For the past 200 years, coal and gas has been the backbone of our power grids and there’s a big role for both in the future.

But if we’re going to keep up with China, and supercharge our economy with manufacturing and heavy industry, and drive down our electricity bills we need to go nuclear.

Not only is nuclear the cheapest energy for households and business, it’s also the cleanest: it’s still the only proven source of emissions-free baseload power.

The big end of town is just obsessed with “net zero” right now. The elites are trying to replace our cheap, reliable baseload power with pie-in-the-sky sources of energy like “green hydrogen” or expensive, unreliable “renewables” like wind and solar.

“Net zero” is just a way for inner-city elites to virtue-signal and for billionaires to make more cash out of you when your power bills go sky high.

Here’s why you need to stop them from destroying our country:

  • “Green hydrogen” is untried, untested and unaffordable – but that won’t stop billionaires trying to sell it to us.
  • Wind farms and solar cells are made in China, putting our nation’s energy at their beck and call.
  • Massive batteries – which are needed for “renewables” when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine – don’t work on a massive scale.

Meanwhile China gets a free pass from the elites on “net zero”. They plan to keep on building hundreds of coal-fired power plants while we shut ours down, putting our economy at a massive disadvantage. They keep getting stronger on cheap, reliable power.

The solution to all these problems is nuclear power.

Australia has a whopping 30% of the world’s known uranium resources.

It’s a proven, reliable, cheap and safe source of power.

It’s a winner for creating jobs.

It’s a nation-building project the entire country can get behind. We need to call on politicians from across the divide to come together and get this done.

Australians need bi-partisan support from both the Labor and Liberal parties to advance and support a nuclear energy industry.

Because Australia cannot afford to be left behind.

Nuclear energy is how we POWER UP.

So sign this petition today to put nuclear front and centre!

To The Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, Minister for Energy and Shadow Minister for Energy,

Our proud nation needs an inexpensive, stable and reliable source of baseload electricity to power our homes and industries.

And we need cheaper power bills NOW!

However, the elitist obsession with carbon emissions is leading Australia down a path to experimental, expensive and unreliable second-rate solutions like wind, solar and hydrogen.

Yet the answer to Australia’s energy security is literally right on our doorstep.

Australia has more than 30% of the world’s known uranium resources.

It is time to have a mature debate about building our own nuclear energy industry.

By signing this petition, I’m calling on all sides of Australian politics to POWER UP Australia by creating a safe and reliable nuclear energy industry.

Goal: 12,500 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?