URGENT!! Give Australia more military muscle…

Tell our politicians to DOUBLE defence spending now!

It’s vital to keep our families safe in a world that’s growing more dangerous by the day.

Right now, Australia’s defence forces are seriously underfunded, as China continues to build the biggest armed force in history.

If we don’t act now to seriously beef up Australia’s military muscle, our nation will be vulnerable.

You can help protect your family by signing this petition to call the Coalition government to DOUBLE military spending now.

You’ll help honour and support our troops who are currently posted all around the world and putting so much on the line to protect our freedoms. 

Get your voice out front and centre today by signing to keep our nation safe and secure.

To the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Defence Minister:

Together with many other mainstream Australians, I’m calling on you to DOUBLE Australia’s defence spending in the 2022 budget.

Keeping families safe and protecting our Australian values of freedom, prosperity and security must be front and centre.

I’m deeply concerned about how the aggressive activities of China in cyber-attacks, trade wars and building the biggest armed force in history are a real threat to Australians and the values and way of life we cherish.

I’m calling on you to take Australia’s lack of defence seriously.

We need to give our existing service men and women more support and rapidly grow our defensive capabilities.

Please take action now to DOUBLE Australia’s defence spending in the 2022 budget – to protect our families and our national security at this critical time.

Goal: 10,000 SIGNATURES

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