For every patriotic Australian who loves our national day

You can help save our Australia Day from the woke anti-Australia activists!

Get your voice out front and centre today to defend our national day of celebration from being ‘CANCELLED’ by Labor and the Greens.

With Labor and the Greens in power, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is already taking the first steps towards ending Australia Day.

In December 2022 he changed the rules to let woke Local Councils abandon our national day of celebration.

That’s a massive threat to Australia Day…

… it's raising the white flag on a day that is the pride of the nation.

Sadly, the Prime Minister just doesn’t have the spine to stand up and say: HANDS OFF.

You know the woke anti-Australia activists will be in his ear telling him about how good he’d look if he cancelled Australia Day.

It won’t be long before woke big business is also on their side.

But if hundreds of thousands of Australians like you band together to let Albo know they support Australia Day, he might sing a different tune.

It’s up to you to tell him: HANDS OFF.

Proud Australians like you and me must stand together, because if this virtue-signalling woke left cancel Australia Day, ANZAC Day will be next.

You and I must stand up against the woke mob that would call the majority of Australians ‘white supremacists’ for celebrating the day this country, that we all love and cherish, was founded on.

Join me today in standing up to celebrate Australia Day and this wonderful country with all it stands for.

Sign this open letter below to tell Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to get his HANDS OFF Australia Day, and let you and me and all Australians celebrate our great nation.

Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director



Open Letter to the Prime Minister,
Anthony Albanese:

Get your HANDS OFF Australia Day and let us celebrate our great nation on January 26.

Instead of dragging up the past and letting woke Local Councils off the leash, how about listening to the majority of Australians, people of all backgrounds, who want to celebrate our great country with all it stands for.

You need to show some spine and tell the Greens and the left-activists in your party: NO – HANDS OFF Australia Day.

Goal: 20,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?