Sign the petition to give WOKE SPORT the RED CARD

and stop biological men destroying women’s sport  

Get your voice out front and centre through this petition to ban ‘trans women’ – biological men! – from women’s sport.

Your signature on this petition will help rattle the woke politicians and bureaucrats in Canberra and push for action.

The 2019 Australian Human Rights Commission guidelines for trans inclusion in sport push sporting bodies to do away with biological reality.¹

Together we can tell them to get their hands off women’s sport.

You’ll help tell them that a person cannot change their biological sex by undergoing surgery or experimental hormone replacement therapy.

You’ll help tell them that men who ‘transition’ still retain physical advantages over biological women…

… and together we can tell them that these physical advantages endanger biological women on the sporting field.

It’s just not fair.

Biological men cannot be allowed in female changerooms.

Biological men cannot be allowed to compete against women in sport.

Sign this petition to ‘red card’ the gender-nutters before more innocent women get hurt.

1. "Guidelines for the Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse People in Sport." Australian Sports Commission, June 2019

To the federal and state parliamentarians:

I believe women’s sport is for women and only biological women.

That means no ‘trans women’ on the sporting field competing against women and girls…

… and it means no ‘trans women’ in female changerooms.

The stakes are high.

If ‘trans women’ can compete against biological women, women face injury.

If ‘trans women’ can use the female changeroom, many women will feel uncomfortable, intimidated and at risk.

Most of all, it’s just not fair.

So, to protect women and girls, I demand a ban on biological males competing against women and girls.

We cannot let woke activists keep pushing us around.

Goal: 20,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?