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Protect your back pocket from the ‘Net Zero’ madness

Tell Peter Dutton and the Coalition: DITCH ‘Net Zero’ now!

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his mates in the Greens are sending our nation down the dark path of ‘Net Zero’.

This madness will bury Aussie businesses and households under the burden of unreliable renewables and higher energy bills.

Your generous support today will get your voice out front and centre to tell Peter Dutton and the Coalition to DITCH their support for ‘Net Zero’ and to start fighting for you.

You can help bring ‘Net Zero’ to its knees by making sure Peter Dutton and the Liberals hear you loud and clear – as you help to:

  • Produce newspaper ads in key seats
  • Put ADVANCE’s ‘NOT Zero’ eBook into the hands of tens of thousands more Aussies
  • Activate ADVANCE volunteers around the country to lobby their local Coalition MP
  • Put your ‘NOT Zero’ message front and centre with letterboxing materials, billboard trucks, and social media ads
  • Recruit more and more supporters to join the movement

There’s no time to lose – so thank you for your generous support today!

Grateful for you,

Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director