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I’ll help put Jacinta’s story in front of every Aussie.

We are stronger when we’re one together, not two divided.

That’s Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s message in this new documentary and ads from FAIR AUSTRALIA, your ‘no’ campaign powered by ADVANCE.

Jacinta and her husband Colin tell their story – and it’s the story of Australia.

People from all different backgrounds, including Indigenous Aussies, coming together as a family.

One Australian family.

But the divisive Voice threatens that.

It will enshrine racial division in our Constitution and undoes the promise of Australia as a place where we can all be equal as Aussies.

Your gift today will SUPERCHARGE this ad by getting it in front of as many Australians as possible.

Your generosity to hit the $450,000 campaign advertising budget will keep this ad on the air all through May, and reach millions more – especially in important swing states.

This doco has already had a HUGE impact, with hundreds of thousands of views already.

But it’s critical to get this message out and your support to reach the $450,000 target will keep it going for the next month.

Grateful for you,

Matthew Sheahan
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