Advance Aus Ltd


Labor and the Greens: they never change.

Not even a year in power and Albo and his Canberra mates have seen inflation up, interest rates up, wages down, power prices up, and electricity reliability down.

They’re even attacking your Super.

On top of this, Albo’s decided to enshrine racial division in your Constitution (and spend millions of dollars to do it).

That’s why hitting a $500,000 end-of-financial year campaign funding target is so crucial.

It’s because Australia is in real trouble. And ordinary Australians are the ones paying the price.

So that’s why it’s so important to start the fightback now.

You and I can’t wait until the next election to win this. Your fight for some accountability starts NOW.

Your best gift today is ammunition for the fight. You’ll help with live calls, ads on TV and across social media, campaigns, and volunteer recruitment – all aimed at standing up for the Australia we love.

Join the battle for our nation today.

Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director