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Join the fight to scrap Albo’s divisive Voice

Help strengthen the fight against Albo’s divisive Voice now – before this dangerous Trojan horse slides into your Constitution.

Albo’s Voice will divide Aussies along the lines of race and enshrine race into our Constitution.

It will be run by woke activists who think climate change is the biggest threat to remote communities.

… and it will be used as a Trojan horse by the woke-left to take power away from Australian voters and hand it to unelected activists and bureaucrats who hate this country and your vision for it.

You can help fight back by giving your best today that will be doubled by the $250,000 Match Fund, to help publish advertisements across the media to raise awareness about how the Voice is a woke Trojan horse to divide and conquer Australians.

You’ll help millions of Australians see this powerful message.

Thanks for your support today!

Grateful for you,

Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director