$50k grants for LGBTIQ+ Covid recovery is left’s latest divisive play

Many vulnerable Australians have been hurt by the Chinese Communist Party virus.

In Victoria it has been lethal and economically devastating thanks to Daniel Andrews’ incompetent handling of hotel quarantine.

But that hasn’t stopped Australia’s wokest government from singling out the LGBTIQ+ community for privileged treatment.

Taxpayer-funded cash grants of up to $50,0000 are being splashed to “drive the LGBTIQ+ sector’s economic recovery”.

Where’s the taxpayer-funded largesse for heterosexual Muslims impacted by Covid?

Does their economic recovery not matter?

Not to mention that of any number of identity groups that make up the diverse tapestry of mainstream Australia.

We are sure many in the LGBTIQ+ community, who see themselves as fellow Australians, would also raise eyebrows at the special treatment being bestowed on their sector.

When the woke left cry “equality”, what they really mean is some identity groups are entitled to more equality than others.

George Orwell would be so proud of Chairman Dan.

Marxism is all about dividing people by race, gender, sexuality or class.  Andrews and his Orwellian-named “Equality” minister Martin Foley are masters at pitting Australians against each other.

Only in Victoria would there be a bucket of taxpayers’ money called Revitalising the LGBTIQ+ Sector Fund.

“Organisations and businesses who support LGBTIQ+ communities can now apply for grants of up to $50,000, to help deal with the challenges posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” Foley tweeted.

Mainstream Australians scratch their heads and wonder if the sort of groups getting money are the ones who teach children that gender is fluid or want to put biological blokes into women’s sport.

Other Victorians suffering because of Andrews’ lethal incompetence with hotel quarantine would kill for some of this cash.

As small business takes yet another hit to its income as a result Andrews’ latest lockdown, Andrews and Foley are doling out love in the form of taxpayers’ cash to their preferred identity group.

There’s no equality in that.