CCP newspaper claims “brutality against indigenous people is embedded in Anglo-Saxons’ genes”

It seems people are finally starting to put the pieces together.

Adopting the lexicon of the West’s woke activists this week, the CCP-controlled Global Times newspaper declared “brutality against indigenous people is embedded in the genes of Anglo-Saxons”.

The article claimed the United States has failed to “recognise its past crimes” against its indigenous people “and the damage caused to them – from land and culture to dignity”.

“The US and Canada manipulate the human rights card on one hand and turn a blind eye to the human rights stain on their own soil on the other, which is a manifestation of Western-style hypocrisy and double standards,” it trumpeted.

There was even a recommendation to assemble “a team led by the United Nations, such as the International Court of Justice to conduct an independent investigation into the status of indigenous people and the past atrocities against them”.

Are these people serious?

The CCP has no right to co-opt the United Nations into undermining the West after it initiated a full-blown trade war with Australia for daring to request an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

More importantly though, the CCP’s faux concern for human rights is nothing more than shallow political opportunism.

As American biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy so lucidly explains, the CCP is diligently playing its vital role as part of the “unholy” anti-Western alliance between Wall Street, Big Tech, the United Nations and China.

Here’s what Ramaswamy means by the “unholy alliance” and how it came to be:

  • After the Global Financial Crisis, Wall Street executives realised they needed to distract Americans from their extraordinary market power and dependence on taxpayer bailouts.
  • To do so, they adopted woke ideology which conveniently argues the real problem with America isn’t economic injustice derived from corruption, banking monopolies and bailouts for the big end of town – it’s racial injustice, misogyny and bigotry.
  • Wall Street realised this was a once in a generation opportunity: they could appease the media and government simply by applauding diversity and inclusion, putting a few women on boards and creating an affinity group for analysts of colour.

The CCP came to a similar, but different conclusion.

  • Xi Jinping recognised it could weaponise American capitalism and its “woke” corporations to undermine the United States and other Western nations from within.
  • More specifically, the CCP restricts market access to any company which criticises their human rights record, and favours companies which criticise the West instead.
  • For example, when European leaders pressed Xi Jinping about locking over a million Uyghurs in concentration camps, his first response was to argue that the Black Lives Matter movement proves the US is no better.
  • A few years ago, Disney said it couldn’t film in the state of Georgia if they passed a new anti-abortion law even though it filmed its blockbuster “Mulan” in Xinjiang – the same province where the CCP’s Uyghur concentration camps are located.
  • Just as the NBA constantly laments about racial injustice in the United States while it aggressively expands into the booming Chinese market to make more cash more quickly.
  • The CCP has even used the same tactic to absolve itself of responsibility for spreading COVID-19.
  • Ignoring how the Marburg virus was named after a German town, Ebola was named after an African river and Zika named after an African forest, it decried anyone who called COVID-19 the “China virus” a racist bigot with the assistance of the Western media and political elites.

As Ramaswamy concludes, “the CCP has successfully weaponised not just the COVID-19 pandemic but the woke pandemic by using the threat of racism against the United States to evade accountability for its own actions”.

“The worst party of all is that American corporations are helping them at every step of the way,” he said.

If Western leaders including our own Prime Minister don’t do something about this “unholy alliance” soon, they’ll let the “corporations win, woke activists win, the communist party win” all while the real losers are the people of Western democracies like ours.