Each-Way Albanese DESTROYED on Labor’s opposition to boat turnbacks

Each-Way Albanese and the Labor Party have a SERIOUS problem when it comes to the truth.

In last night’s first “leaders’ debate”, Albo either LIED or FORGOT about his opposition to boat turnbacks. 

He said boat turnbacks were not the Coalition’s policy in 2013, and he seemed to imply that he’d turn back boats if elected Prime Minister. All in all, he appeared confused, uncertain and away with the pixies. 

C’mon, Albo! Wake up, matey! 

Because we’re good blokes here at ADVANCE, we’ve kindly prepared a history lesson on boat turnbacks for poor old Albo and anybody who may be bewildered by the mixed messages coming out of the increasingly gaffe-prone Labor Party.

  1. Before the 2007 federal election, then opposition leader Kevin Rudd said his government would turn back boats. Neither he nor Julia Gillard ever fulfilled the promise. In fact, Rudd dismantled the Pacific Solution in 2008, boats started to arrive by the hundreds, and thousands of desperate people died at sea trying to make it to our shores. 
  2. In October 2010, then shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison introduced a private member’s bill which said the government should “be prepared to turn around boats where the circumstances permit”. Albo voted against it. 
  3. With the 2013 election on the horizon, opposition leader Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison announced Operation Sovereign Borders run by Major-General Jim Molan. Rudd was totally against it. He said, “I am concerned about Abbott’s policy where he says he will turn the boats back”.
  4. In July 2013, Tony Abbott told Chris Smith that “we have got to give the Navy new orders and that means turning boats around where it’s safe to do so. It is vital, vital, vital.”
  5. The Coalition won the election in September 2013 in a landslide. They put in place Operation Sovereign Borders, turned back the boats, and the boats AND the deaths at sea stopped. 
  6. In 2015, Albo said “I couldn’t ask someone else to do something that I couldn’t see myself doing. If people were in a boat, including families and children, I couldn’t turn the boat around. Everyone in Labor wants to make sure there aren’t turn backs.”

Fast forward seven years later to an election and now Albo says boat turnbacks are “an example of something I’ve changed my view on. Boat turnbacks worked.” He’s even telling the nation that boat turnbacks were NOT a policy of the Coalition government. 

Seriously, Albo? 

Who do you think you’re kidding? 

Are you lying to make yourself seem strong on borders and national security? Or have you become Australia’s very own sleepy Joe Biden who can’t remember what day it is, let alone what his policy stance was a decade ago?

What’s going on, mate? 

How do you expect the Australian people to trust and have faith in your leadership when these gaffes are becoming the norm a week and a half into the campaign trail? 

Could you imagine Kevin Rudd making a fool of himself like this? How about Bob Hawke? Why is it that this new generation of Labor leaders is so petty, factional and chronically average?

Although these questions only skim the surface, the point remains clear. 

We CANNOT trust Anthony Albanese. 

He is a career politician who started out as a communist sympathiser at university.

His top talents are Penny Wong and Kristina Kenneally – the Mean Girls who bullied Kimberley Kitching because she stood up to China’s gross human rights abuses. 

Even worse, Albo’s only path to success at the election is to do a dirty deal with the Greens – the same mob who think it’s “racist” to be concerned about Xi Jinping’s new military base just a three hour hop to the Queensland coast. 

Vote wisely, Australia! The stakes are too high…