Fear of Green-Left = no dam in 15 years

We Aussies have been taken for a ride by the green-left and their stranglehold on politics.

The last water storage built in Australia was the Paradise Dam near Bundaberg in 2005.

Pretty shabby for the world’s driest continent.

Fear of the left’s wrath and their megaphone in the media has paralysed our ability to build stuff – including desperately needed dams.

Enter Keith Pitt, Member for Hinkler.

“It is time for the Commonwealth to take charge of delivering critical infrastructure and the first step in my view is to establish a new government-owned corporation whose sole job is building dams.”

The courageous parliamentarian is urging the federal government to find a way to build the reservoirs urgently – even if it means superseding state government powers.

Whatever it jolly well takes, Keith says – have a referendum, get the powers and get the bulldozers cranking.

Anyone else’s hands hurt from clapping?  Go you good thing, Keith!

Politicians talk a lot about building dams – because the less you intend to do about something, the more you’ve got to talk about it…  Politics 101. 

But green-left control means we have wasted 15 precious years since our last dam was built.

Water Minister of the socialist republic of Victoria, Lisa Neville, says there’s no point building dams – because climate change.

For the love....

Global warming does not cause drought and Australia’s rainfall has actually increased over the past 100 years.

The importance of this issue has reached critical levels.

But even if a project was approved tomorrow, it’d be several years before we saw water lapping the spillway of a new life-giving reservoir.

Thank God for Keith Pitt – we need more like him to get the visionary Bradfield scheme, turning northern rivers inland, back on the agenda.

And we need to champion studies like the one done by the CSIRO that says we could build massive dams in northern Australia, bringing new opportunities for agricultural prosperity and indigenous advancement.

We’re with you Keith.

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