GetUp! candidates now run Australia

Bill Shorten and Labor have shown their true colours by voting to pass Kerryn Phelps’ controversial Medivac Bill in the House of Representatives. It’s a clear sign that GetUp candidates and left-wing activists are now in charge and that Labor will bow to their agenda in government.

“This is evidence of the control the radical left has over Labor. It’s appalling that the alternative Prime Minister would even consider voting for legislation that weakens our national security,” National Director of Advance Australia Gerard Benedet said. 

“The advice from Australia’s security agencies, including ASIO, along with the Department of Home Affairs is clear: this legislation undermines our border protection laws.  The passage of this Bill is a victory for radical left-wing ideology over safety and common sense.”

Mr Benedet said the role of so-called ‘Independents’ in formulating and voting for this legislation is a sign of where politics is heading under the influence of GetUp and other left-wing groups. 

“GetUp bragged about how they campaigned in Wentworth. They delivered the seat to Kerryn Phelps and she is now doing their bidding. GetUp was instrumental in getting Cathy McGowan elected and she voted for the legislation.  Both claim to be ‘liberals’ but neither are – they both support radical left-wing policies.”

“We saw them hugging and cheering with Greens MP Adam Bandt in the Parliament today.  Let there be no mistake – these people are GetUp candidates, and GetUp is working deceptively behind the scenes to get more of their candidates up at the next election.”

Mr Benedet said that GetUp had campaigned hard and sought donations for a ‘high impact ad blitz’ to promote the Medivac Bill.

“Very deceptively, GetUp characterised opposition to the legislation as an ‘offensive against Australian doctors’.  They did this to hide the fact that weakening border protection is a key part of their radical ‘open borders’ agenda,” Mr Benedet said.

“Bill Shorten was dictated to, pressured and controlled by both the left-wing of his own party and his mates at GetUp.  He is willing to compromise the security of our nation for political purposes. It’s a terrible sign of what we can expect under a Labor Government.”

Mr Benedet said that mainstream Australians overwhelmingly support Australia’s border protection laws and did not want to go back to the days of constant illegal boat arrivals, deaths at sea and 50,000 more people in detention.

“Not only does this legislation weaken our borders, it is going to cost us dearly. Home Affairs have advised that we will have to reopen the Christmas Island detention centre as a result of this Bill.  The last thing any of us want to see is more illegal arrivals trying to jump the queue of genuine refugees and ending up in detention at our expense,” Mr Benedet said.

“Most Australians will be shaking their heads tonight that Labor and GetUp’s politicians have acted in such a foolish and dangerous way. Bill Shorten should have stood up to the radical forces within his party, and those he helped create at GetUp, to side with mainstream Australians. Instead, he caved.  It’s clear the radical left-wing activists will run Australia under Labor.”