GetUp!: make pandemic handouts permanent

These are happy, happy days for some.

With free stuff from the government falling out of the sky every other day, this is life as the socialists have always known it should be.

Their paradise has arrived courtesy of an unlikely catalyst:  the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Goodluck peeling their beloved handouts back when we reach the other side of this plague.

The left are already seeking to ensure that their newfound freebies, courtesy of a government trying to save livelihoods while great swathes of our economy are forbidden from functioning, will remain.

Just read GetUp!’s twitter feed:

Let's expand free childcare – universal and permanent.

Let's expand Newstart increases – living wage and permanent.

Let's expand an eviction moratorium – all evictions and permanent.

Because these policies are good during a crisis – and they're even better after one.

These people literally have no concept of the fact that every dollar of the government’s bottomless pit of magic money is in fact hard-earned by everyday Australians.

Which is why, in the GetUp! utopia, the government can and should make childcare (which everyone knows is massively expensive) free for everyone…  Always.  

And hey – no need to get a job in their new Nirvana – the government will give you a living wage…  Permanently.

You can even refuse to pay rent and trash your landlord’s house – it’s all good, it’s illegal for the bourgeoise class to kick you out the door.

Because in the socialists’ parallel universe, “these policies are good during a crisis – and they're even better after one.”

As we know, GetUp! is essentially a third-party campaigner for Labor, the Greens and “independents” like Zali Steggall who follow GetUp!’s policy script.

Imagine if these jokers held the treasury benches in Parliament and got to make real decisions with taxpayers’ money?

With GetUp! bank-rolling their campaigns, these crazy ideas would permeate our parliaments. 

The Morrison Government’s current crisis measures has pushed our public debt to $1.5 trillion dollars.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that many more months of emergency measures would drive Australia and its people into economic oblivion.

GetUp!’s tweets flaunt their ignorance of history. 

Our great nation would become one big rolling economic depression fuelling 1930s-style human misery in the event GetUp!’s idea of the way things should be actually eventuated.

As former deputy prime minister John Anderson said sagely last week: “Governments don’t have dollars, only taxpayers do and the hangover from this crisis will have to be addressed and it’s going to be a very difficult hangover indeed.”

If only GetUp! would engage Anderson as their economics adviser.

Is anyone thinking about how long it will take to pay back $1.5 trillion?

The lefties at GetUp! think the free stuff can and should go on forever – after all, the government owes them a living!  No need to take personal responsibility... For anything.  Ever.

What the socialists don’t get is that just six months more of their policies would turn Australia into Venezuela.

Over generations, GetUp’s policies would hurt and kill more people than this pandemic ever could.