GetUp!'s Hit List Reveals Bias

Left-wing activist organisation GetUp! has created a website with a “hit list” of 18 Federal MPs they plan to campaign against at the upcoming election – and not surprisingly every single one of them is from the Coalition.

This one list exposes their constant lie that GetUp! is “independent”. Put simply, GetUp! is part of the far-left Greens/Labor alliance.

In further proof of GetUp!’s bias and intention to manipulate the election, they have asked supporters to go to the site and tell them exactly who to target with their considerable resources.

As we reported recently, GetUp! received nearly half a million dollars from a little-known organisation “The Sunrise Project” - which channels overseas funds for green activist projects in Australia.  This payment conveniently came just days before foreign donations became illegal.

GetUp! admits the funds will be spent on campaigning in the upcoming Federal election. It’s now very clear they intend to target MPs whose views they don’t agree with and who they’ve labelled “hard right”.

So what does it take to make GetUp!’s hit list?

Some of the listed “transgressions” of these MPs include:

  • not voting for marriage equality,
  • designing an English language test for Australian citizenship,
  • supporting current border security laws that have stopped the boats and greatly reduced the numbers of people in detention,
  • saying “police should enforce Indigenous kids attending school”, and
  • “being touted as a future Prime Minister”.

Last year GetUp! delivered the seat of Wentworth to Independent Kerryn Phelps with a concerted campaign, considerable funding and the support of other left-wing activist groups and unions.

Advance Australia is standing up to the Get Up! bullies and will fight against their standover tactics and the corrosive influence of the far-left policies that they demand.