Greens against middle class tax cuts while government takes 55% of an average Victorian’s pay

How do the Greens plan to fund their Biden-inspired Green New Deal?

You guessed it: by increasing taxes on Australia’s already struggling middle class.

In a policy document published after Labor voted with the government to pass the Prime Minister’s landmark $95 billion tax cut package, the Greens lashed out at Anthony Albanese for accepting “tax cuts for people who need them the least”.

The Greens lamented about how “disappointing” it was to see “Labor allow Stage 3 of the tax cuts to pass” as the benefits “will flow to people on the highest incomes”.

They claimed the “overwhelming benefit” of the tax cuts would “flow to people on the highest incomes, with 60% of the money from this stage will flow to just 1 in 5 taxpayers”.

The party even claimed Morrison’s tax cuts mean “tax cuts for politicians, bankers, and chief executives. It’s a tax cut of $11,000 to people already earning $200,000 a year… and it’s being paid for with money that should go to the things that benefit everyone”.

The reality?

Morrison’s Labor-supported tax cuts will give a much-needed tax break to those earning between $45,000 and $200,000 a year.

For instance, under these tax cuts, a labourer on a $48,000 income would receive a $1,200 tax cut. A firefighter on a $67,000 income would get a $1,675 tax cut. A small business owner who raked in an income of $89,000 would reap a $2,225 tax cut. And sure, a senior consultant at a large financial institution on a $180,000 salary would receive a $12,600 tax cut, but it’s still fair.


Well, what the Greens haven’t told their constituents is that Australians pay the third highest income tax in the world, behind only Denmark and Iceland.

The top 10 per cent of income earners pay around 50 per cent of income taxan unsurprising statistic considering the average taxpayer would have to work for 14 years to pay the $220,000 welfare bill racked up by a single long-term dole bludger.

All while Australia’s cost of living increased 23.4 per cent between March 2009 and March 2019, with:

  • Energy prices increasing by over 100 per cent thanks to politicians like Adam Bandt demanding we sacrifice coal-fired power for taxpayer-subsidised intermittent renewables;
  • Gas and fuel prices increasing by 75.6 per cent – a product of do-gooders and “modern Liberals” working to end any new gas and oil exploration, drilling and refining operations;
  • Water/sewage costs increasing by around 67 per cent after so-called experts like Tim Flannery claimed our dams would never fill again because of climate change.

Yet still, the Greens – if they governed in an alliance with Labor – would take back Australia’s tax cuts by falsely claiming those who earn between $45,000-$200,000 per annum are a part of “the big end of town” – even though Adam Bandt himself is in the very progressive 45 per cent tax bracket, earning an estimated $211,250 a year with a $32,000 allowance on the side.

What a joke this man is.

Mr Bandt, if you’re so worried about Australia’s world-class welfare, health and education systems, why not follow the lead of President Donald Trump who so generously donated his presidential salary to charity?

Why not move out of your seat in ritzy inner-city Melbourne and represent those in Melbourne’s poorest seats who are struggling with the realities of welfare dependency, intergenerational poverty, failed cultural assimilation policies and violent crime?

And why not do something about how the several taxes imposed on your constituents by state and federal government leave them with a meagre 45 per cent of their total income?

Afterall, a paper commissioned by the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance and NSW Liberal Democrats this year found that:

“The typical Victorian, earning the state’s 2019 average income of $63,440, costs their employer about $73,200 to hire once superannuation, payroll tax and extra benefits are all added up. Of that gross income, the government collects a whopping 55% – more than $40,000”.

Do you seriously think the average Victorian earning $63,440 a year doesn’t deserve a tax cut, Mr Bandt?

As Advance has been saying for years now, the Greens are the quintessential political watermelon: a mob who hide their red Marxist core behind a thin veneer of green hippy-conservationism.

We need to help our children see through their lies.