Labor's Gender Agenda Exposed

A Labor Government would offer free sex change procedures, establish a taxpayer-funded National Gender Centre to advocate on transgender issues and appoint a new Commissioner for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status issues.

The revelations in Labor’s National Policy Platform come amid fears voiced by Doctors that Labor’s radical gender policies could result in unnecessary sex change operations for children.

“Labor and Bill Shorten clearly have some questions to answer.  Their platform includes what amounts to free sex change operations and a radical agenda of pushing gender theory in the community,” National Director of Advance Australia Gerard Benedet said.

“Bill Shorten is dodging the press on this issue – but it’s very clear that the Labor Platform is his blueprint for government.  It’s was developed by his Shadow Ministry and it reveals Labor’s true agenda.”

“A taxpayer-funded National Gender Centre that will “advocate and educate” is code for a large-scale extension of the radical “safe schools” program that was rolled out by state Labor Governments.”

“And Labor also plans a review of official documents to include “non-binary” options – which is just  an extension of Tasmanian Labor and the Greens ridiculous legislation that removes gender from birth certificates.”

“It’s right there in black in white. Bill Shorten needs to either reject his own policy or be honest with the Australian people.  And we’ve already seen during this campaign that Bill Shorten will say anything he thinks people wants to hear.  He’s only interested in becoming Prime Minister.”

Labor’s radical gender policies are outlined in their National Platform Document “A Fair Go for all Australians” which was released last year.

The document states: “This National Platform outlines Labor’s key policy priorities as we head into an election year. These policies were developed and articulated through the work of our Shadow Ministry and the National Policy Forum (NPF).”

The manifesto is currently described on Labor’s website as “a clear statement of Labor’s beliefs, values and program for government. The document outlines the key priorities for Labor over the coming years.”

Mr Benedet said that mainstream Australians were respectful of individuals, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, but were fed up with the radical gender theory that underpins so much of left-wing policy.