MEDIA RELEASE ANZ joins green elites as Labor, unions and Coalition push coal and gas

ANZ’s move to join with elite virtue signallers to scuttle efforts by unions and cross-party MPs for coal, gas and food production to be at the centre of Australia’s economic recovery was profoundly disappointing, according to Advance Australia.

Advance spokesman Will Jefferies said nation-building was the key to rebuilding the economy and having a major bank decline loans to farmers and miners would torpedo jobs and prosperity.

“At a time when coal country Labor MPs along with left and right-wing unions are teaming up with the Coalition’s ‘club sensible’ to promote Australia’s need for coal and gas-powered industry, it is bizarre to see a major bank moving in the opposite direction.”

Mr Jefferies noted that the unions and key Labor MPs have acknowledged that renewable energy sources and batteries were simply not up to the job of powering a modern economy and would not be for decades.

“To have one of our big four banks refusing to lend to farmers at a time when they are recovering from one of the worst droughts on record is quite frankly un-Australian.

“ANZ can either help Australia recover or watch its customers find another bank,” Mr Jefferies said.