MEDIA RELEASE No taxpayer money for unis which deny academic freedom

Universities which refuse to allow academic freedom should have their taxpayer funding withdrawn according to Advance Australia.

Spokesman Will Jefferies said Australians expected universities to be places of free debate, not cancel culture.

His comments come as the University of Tasmania Law Review rejected a paper by the Dean of Law at the University of Queensland, Patrick Parkinson, because it used allegedly offensive terms such as “biological female” and “opposite sex”.

“It is just not good enough for universities who receive billions from taxpayers every year to allow the censorship of mainstream views on sex and gender to appease radical left-wing fringe groups and their whacky agendas,” Mr Jefferies said.

The cancelling of Professor Parkinson’s academic paper by UTAS follows James Cook University’s sacking of Professor Peter Ridd for scientifically contesting the Left’s assertion that the Great Barrier Reef is dying because of climate change.

“It is time to act now before a whole generation of young Australians are brainwashed by institutions who have become a closed shop to science which challenges left-wing orthodoxy.

“Universities are supposed to help us find the truth but this can’t happen if elites have already determined what the truth is and then enforce it with cancel culture,” Mr Jefferies said.