Aussie Paralympian says he’d ‘die for this country’ as it ‘has a great past’

With everything that’s going on at the moment in this country, Advance thought a feel-good story was in order; and Tasmania’s first three-time Paralympian Todd Hodgetts has delivered with flying colours.

In an interview after he finished seventh at the F20 shot put final on Tuesday night, Hodgetts told Channel 7:

“I’m good, it’s not over at all. I’m going to keep going, I’d die for this, I put my body on the line, it is not over.

“[Shot put means] everything, it saved my life. All those knockers out there, kept on knocking me, I came back and represented my country.”

Pointing to the Australian flag on his shirt, he said “this is the best nation in the world, I love it”.

“I’m going to go to Brisbane at 44 years of age and die for our country like the ANZACs did.

“Big shoutout to Tasmania and Gutwein. He isn’t feeling too well, but I have a surprise for him when I get back.

“I was going for it today. Warm up went well, I just didn’t time it. It got wet, I kept on improving, and I said: God and country!

“I’m going to keep going. Nothing is impossible in this world. You have to look to the future everyone, not the past. We have a great past, look in the good of the past. Shout out to Scott Morrison.”

Hodgetts, dubbed “the Hulk” then finished the interview by ripping his jersey off and knocking over the microphone.

What an absolute Aussie legend you are, mate!

We congratulate you on your career, perseverance and love for this great country.

Just as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said you are “an absolute champion who has done Australia so proud. Keep up the hard work, Todd and your amazing attitude. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.”

As Advance has been saying for years, Australians have every right to be proud of our history.

We have every right to say Australia is the best country in the world.

There is no shame in proudly having faith in the Christian God or appreciating our Christian heritage.

Most importantly, regardless how many activists, journalists and public servants knock us for believing in these once mainstream ideas, the Aussie spirit will never die no matter how hard they try to suppress it.

Paralympian Tony Hodgetts has just proven it so…