Pollies and ABC journos on cushy taxpayer salaries scoff at ‘selfish’ lockdown protestors

After tens of thousands of struggling Aussies turned to the streets over the weekend to protest lockdown laws, mask mandates and mandatory vaccine passports, Australia’s elites revealed how utterly out-of-touch they truly are.

Dictator Dan Andrews said protesters “should be ashamed of themselves”, “we can’t vaccinate against stupidity”, and declared he doesn’t “know what half of them were protesting against”.

Wake up, buddy! They were protesting against you and your government.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she was “utterly disgusted by the illegal protesters in the city today whose selfish actions have compromised the safety of all of us”.

Gladys, the thousands of construction workers in western Sydney who can’t pay their mortgages and put food on the table for their families are “utterly disgusted” you selfishly refuse to take a cut to your $407,980 salary after locking them down.

So much for “we’re all in this together”, Premier.

ABC radio host Patricia Karvelas revealed she is “genuinely shocked that there are that many people stupid enough to protest and spread a virus that might kill them. My brain hurts.”

Well Pat, our “brain hurts” seeing ABC journalists who work from home in their pyjamas and live on cushy taxpayer salaries and Uber Eats call people who are upset their entire livelihoods have been stripped from them “stupid”.

Perhaps it’s time you took some “empathy training” somewhere outside of your padded Ultimo studio, Pat!

And of course, the Greens had to stick their two cents in, with Senator Sarah Hanson-Young calling protestors “dangerous, anti-science whack jobs…who put everybody’s health at risk”.

Is that right, Sarah?

Where was your concern about “everybody’s health” when you lashed the Berejiklian government for cancelling a “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protest while COVID community transition was mounting back in June 2020?

To quote your inspiration Greta Thunberg: “how dare you” refuse to practice what you preach and sneer at lockdown protestors when you’re sitting on your six-figure taxpayer salary with a menu of parliamentary perks and privileges.

As James Macpherson so lucidly wrote in The Spectator today, “what astonishes me is not so much that people protested, but that our cultural betters seem genuinely clueless as to why the patience of citizens has finally run out.

“Let me help …

“1. You told us to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve”. We did as you asked. And 18 months later we are still locked in our homes.

  1. You kept brothels open but closed churches because illicit sex wouldn’t spread the virus, but religious services would.
  2. You tell us you are “following the science” while subjecting us to arbitrary restrictions with zero basis in science.
  3. You formed a national cabinet to fight Covid, and now use the national cabinet only to fight among yourselves — with our families, jobs and businesses as collateral damage.
  4. You insisted that “we are all in this together” while we lost our jobs or saw our hours slashes and you got pay rises.
  5. You keep thousands of Australian citizens from returning home while allowing a figure of such inconsequence such as Caitlyn Jenner into the country to film Big Brother, along with an entire other legion of luvvies.
  6. You let these types head straight to compounds on the Queensland coast or at Byron Bay to quarantine while Australian citizens served their 14 days in poky hotel rooms with minimal facilities, many of which were health hazards themselves.
  7. You refuse individuals the ability to visit interstate relatives — even immediate family — but give special exemptions to entire football teams to travel around the nation.
  8. You told us Astrazeneca was unsafe for people under 60. Then you told us AZ was unsafe for people under 50. Now you urge us all to take AZ, and sneer at us if we hesitate to follow your ever-changing ‘expert’ advice. You, of course, have the power to reject this advice, but presumably are so afraid of having to take responsibility you’re happy to play along, despite the damaging confusion.
  9. You said we can’t go overseas, but that the Queensland Premier simply must go overseas to pitch for an Olympic Games that we had already won and that we didn’t even want.
  10. You tell us it’s too dangerous even to go outside but have created a bizarre economy and labour force that allows the wealthy to sit at home in their pyjamas getting paid to conduct Zoom meetings while the poor and many of the worst equipped to follow health warnings must daily risk their lives.
  11. And can we please contrast your huffing and puffing from the weekend with your complete cowardice over those Black Lives Matter marches last year?

You treat the public like mugs for the better part of two years, and then wonder why they take to the streets effectively saying, ‘screw you’.

Well, of course it’s a mystery…”