Quiet Australians react to Matt Kean’s ego

Matt Kean’s latest ego-stroke hasn’t been a masterstroke.

According to an exclusive in The Australian, “Matt Kean has a message for his critics, those who say his moderate Liberal Party brand is too left-wing, too hostile to coal, and too antithetical to the party’s base”:

“I’m right, you’re wrong.”

“We cannot allow the Liberal base to become a very narrow section of the community,” he says.

“You cannot deny the fact that large sections of our base no longer feel represented by the party, which is why they have rejected Liberal candidates for Liberal-thinking candidates in seats like Warringah, Indi and Mayo.”

Well here’s some news for you, Mr Kean:

You’re wrong, and we’re right.

Just look at the top ten comments below your vanity piece where you tell us we’re “wrong” for backing coal-fired power, manufacturing and conservative values:

  1. “Any liberal who chooses Turnbull for a job lacks judgement. FULL STOP” (280 likes)
  2. “Malcolm's found out that it's not very nice
    Being dumped not just once, nor twice but thrice
    So off he goes back to the ABC
    Crying ...Those at Sky News are bullying me
    He's forgotten, of course , what he did as PM
    Those who HE dumped - too bad about them
    And bullies of course are never too brave
    And Turnbull is getting as good as he gave”
  3. “The real opposition to Coalition governments in this country is Turnbull and Kean. They should be kicked out of the party” (220 likes)
  4. “Only one question, given his calamitous lack of judgment, why is he still there?” (203 likes)
  5. “Since Christopher Pyne retired, there has been a vacuum around who is the most irritating politician in Australia. Well, I think we’ve just found him....” (189 likes)
  6. “Matt Kean and Malcolm Turnbull are in the wrong party. Join the Greens” (184 likes)
  7. “Kean represents everything I hate about the way the Liberals are going. Morrison was voted in by the silent majority. Kean will destroy the Liberal brand” (183 likes)
  8. “What is wrong with a narcissist who tries to change a party in his image rather than just join a party which shares his values? Where does that leave us coalition voters who believe in small government and know " climate change" is a Marxist wealth redistribution scheme that has nothing to do with the environment” (168 likes)
  9. “Matt Kean is a Green Far Left Climate Zealot and has to go!” (159 likes)
  10. “If Gladys removed Kean support for the Liberal party in NSW would increase. He’s got no judgement, is anti-coal and is a massive liability for the LNP” (152 likes)

Can we make ourselves any clearer Mr Kean?

Go away or join the Greens.

Mainstream Australians know that cheap, stable coal-fired power is the best way to underwrite a large-scale manufacturing industry with the capacity to produce enough critical goods to defend ourselves during a supply chain breakdown.

We understand that relying on intermittent, taxpayer-subsidised wind turbines and solar panels – the vast majority of which are made in Chinese factories running on coal-fired power – is a threat to our national security and prosperity.

And we’re not going to let you destroy Australia’s premier conservative party because a few people on Manly beach and hobby farms outside of Adelaide and Melbourne got sick of Tony Abbott.

As Mr Abbott said in reference to the morbid failure of the green WA Liberals in the last state election, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em is a recipe not just for defeat but for ruination because what’s the point of a party which is hardly different from Labor”.

Listen up Kean!

Afterall, he performed better in the 2013 election than any Prime Minister in decades…