Red-faced Kevin Rudd struggles for relevance over Pfizer fracas

This week, two of Australia’s worst Prime Ministers – Kevin Rudd and his buddie Malcolm Turnbull – have proven they’re still in the business of shallow political opportunism.

Surprise, surprise. As so many of us already know, once a politician, always a politician.

However, instead of obsessing over the coming climate crisis and conspiracies about Rupert Murdoch covertly running the country, this time Rudd tried to take credit for the PM’s vaccine rollout with the support of miserable Malcolm and the ABC.

Here’s how it played out:

  1. Earlier this week, Rudd organised a “scheduled call” with Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla to discuss Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
  2. In his graciousness, Rudd kindly wrote to the Prime Minister informing of his private discussions with Bourla.
  3. Conveniently, the letter somehow ended up in the hands of the ABC’s star political correspondent and avid Morrison critic, Laura Tingle who let the unsubstantiated story spread like wildfire. Surely, just a coincidence!
  4. Specifically, the ABC disingenuously reported Rudd single-handedly intervened, at the behest of mysterious, we-know-who-they-are-but-we-aren’t-telling-you “senior business figures” to secure much-needed doses of the in-demand Pfizer vaccine.

Malcolm Turnbull tweeted his support for Rudd’s so-called initiative which was later shared by Labor heavyweight Tanya Plibersek: 

How did this work out for Rudd, miserable Malcolm and their supporters over at the ABC?

Well, concerned about fake headlines claiming Rudd single-handedly secured a new vaccine deal for Australia, Pfizer issued a press release which read:

“Recent media reports suggesting that any third party or individual has had any role in contractual agreements reached between Pfizer and the Australian government are inaccurate.

“The only two parties involved in these agreements are Pfizer and the Australian government.

“All agreements and supply arrangements, including dose planning are exclusively made with the federal government, and details of the agreement and discussions are confidential. All discussions on supply and procurement with the federal government are led by Pfizer representatives in Australia.”

Seriously, Kevin?

Although this sort of behaviour from Rudd shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, it does reveal the true extent of his suffering at the hand of attention deficit syndrome – a disorder Pfizer unfortunately can’t yet inoculate against.

Afterall, Rudd is working to reverse his mounting unpopularity by falsely taking credit for the Prime Minister’s belated success with the help of the ABC. Note this is while they rally against the Murdoch media for disseminating fake news about the impending “climate catastrophe” and the pitfalls of renewable energy. The irony.

Rudd and Turnbull are campaigning against ScoMo for his failure to get vaccines onto Australian shores without acknowledging we’ve had one of the lowest case and death rates in the entire world – all while the government has been forced to contend with unhinged state premiers from both their political factions.

And neither of them have joined calls for the ABC to apologise for propagating false information about Rudd’s role in getting more Pfizer vaccines to Australia.

These men are an utter disgrace.

With over $1 billion of taxpayer money going to the ABC every single year, the Prime Minister needs to stand up for himself and demand our “national broadcaster” apologise for giving Rudd and Turnbull a platform to spout their self-serving nonsense and inflate their increasingly fragile egos.

As Advance keeps saying: it can’t be too much to ask for…