Socialism’s the answer

As the old saying goes: “if that’s the answer, it must have been a pretty stupid question”.

According to recent research from the Centre for Independent Studies, socialism has become fashionable. Even the esteemed Washington Post ran an article earlier this year with the headline “It’s time to give Socialism a try”.

We’ve seen the radical left argue strongly in favour of socialism and communism for some years now – despite the fact that it has led to hardship and human suffering in every corner of the globe where it’s been tried (check out how they’ve fared in Venezuela lately where locals have taken to eating zoo animals to survive!).

And now the left in Australia are making the case that socialism might be the only answer to the question: how do we save our planet from environmental catastrophe?

For an insight into this misguided ideology, check out this recent column (hyperlink below) from Jeff Sparrow, a columnist for the Guardian Australia. Jeff is described as “a writer, editor and broadcaster, and an Honorary Fellow at Victoria University.” His argument is a prime example of the threat to our way of life from radical academia.

It includes such alarmist declarations as:

“The planet will soon crash through the barrier of a 1.5 degree temperature rise, with horrendous consequences for the natural environment and, of course, millions of people. That’s if we’re lucky.”

“It’s increasingly difficult to ignore the profound incompatibility between serious climate action and an economic system predicated upon the pursuit of profit in a ceaseless war of all against all.”

“We’re locked into a frankly carcinogenic model, predicated on unplanned but relentless growth, conducted with complete indifference to long-term consequences.”

He goes on to point to socialism as a means of achieving “the measures for which the IPCC pleads – massive changes in transportation, industry, cities and land use as part of a thoroughgoing transition away from fossil energy”.

And he outlines the increasingly organised power and resources of the Socialist movement as they aim to impact on elections:

“In Australia, the veteran activist Steve Jolly has managed to unite Melbourne’s usually fractious left as the Victorian Socialists (full disclosure: I’m a member), in a grassroots campaign for the forthcoming state election financially supported by the Electrical Trade Union and the National Union of Workers.”

The one thing that Sparrow gets right is his assertion that more people than ever are attracted to, or at least not bothered by, the idea of socialism - especially younger people. This highlights the glaring failure of our education system to teach Australians about the practical impact of socialism and the millions of people who have died around the world under socialist and communist regimes.

It also highlights just how susceptible the western world is to this dangerous left-wing ideology.

Advance Australia knows that socialism is NOT the answer. To anything. We believe that human ingenuity and adaptability will be the answer to managing the environmental challenges we face now and in the future.